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Riverbank Guide Service by Captain Chad Warren
Guided Fishing Trips in Eastern North Carolina Inland and Coastal Waters


Sight Casting Sound & Along the Beach:
(Cobia, Red Drum, Blues, Spanish)
1/2 Day
4 Anglers Max. / Boat

Sight Casting Sound & Along the Beach:
(Cobia, Red Drum, Blues, Spanish)
Full Day
4 Anglers Max. / Boat

Inshore Pamlico Sound & Adjacent Waters:
( Tarpon, Red Drum, Trout, Flounder, Spanish, Spade Fish)
1/2 Day & Evening Drum Trips
4 Anglers Max. / Boat

Inshore Pamlico Sound & Adjacent Waters:
( Tarpon, Red Drum, Trout, Flounder, Spanish, Spade Fish)
Full Day
4 Anglers Max. / Boat

Fishing Trips in North Carolina…

Riverbank Guide Service’s Chad Warren is a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain. Years of experience and a devotion to customer satisfaction, along with a deep pride in the conservation and preservation of North Carolina’s Fisheries are what set us apart from the competition. The dedication starts with your safety and ends with satisfaction upon completion of your adventure.

Fishing Summary:

Bass, Bream, Pan Fish:
These species are one of our favorite “Take A Kid Fishing” trips. These trips are done in early spring with Ultra-Light Tackle and Bream Buster Poles. These trips are an excellent way to introduce kids to the outdoors and wildlife.

Most of these trips are done in local creeks, but also can be done in some of our Private Ponds we have to offer. These trips are not only great for Kids but Adults also. Give us a call for booking dates and times!

Cobia fishing is a lot like Tarpon fishing with a lot of patience and high rewards. Cobia don’t give the aerial show of Tarpon but the endurance of the fight and fishing techniques are very similar. Cobia are excellent table fare. This fishing is done primarily in the month of May and June. Sometimes you can get lucky and sight cast to these guys. We offer ½ and full day charters around Cape Lookout and Ocracoke Inlet area!

Crappie &/or Yellow Perch:
These two fish are normally very close in their annual runs up river. Our Crappie and Yellow Perch Charters are done through the months of January, February, and into March! These trips are set-up for one to two anglers. These fish make excellent table fair and put up an excellent fight for the angler on Ultra-Light Tackle. We offer ½ day charters for these fish.

False Albacore:
We like to call them “Little Tunies” due to their resemblance to the Tuna family. False Albacore run in the fall of the year in the Cape Lookout area and are primarily sought after on light tackle and fly. These fish give you a good run for your money and often will test the tackle being fished with. You will often hook into a Spanish Mackerel and even a King Mackerel on some occasions while doing this type of fishing! This fishing is done primarily in the months of October and November.

King Mackerel:
Kings are very highly sought after off the coast of North Carolina. King charters range from early spring to late fall. King charters are done by means of live baiting and trolling artificial lures. King fishing can be very rewarding with the live bait trips due to a King will “Skyrocket” a bait on a strike. We offer ½ day and full day charters for King Mackerel fishing. We also offer bookings for various King Mackerel Tournaments!

Puppy Drum (Red Fish or Red Drum):
Pups as we like to call them is a very exciting fishery. The Red Drum is the North Carolina State fish. These fish are sometimes caught on live bait but primarily on artificial lures. The greatest challenge with the highest reward is on top water baits. When the top water action gets going it can be very exciting to the young and old alike. This occurs late in the month of July, through August, and into September. These trips are set up for one to four people for ½ day and full day charters! These charters are normally combined with the Trout & Flounder Charters for the Full day adventure but, may also be a very attractive late afternoon addition to a Bull Red Drum Charter as well.

Red Drum, Red Fish, Channel Bass, Big Reds:
Big Reds, as we call em’, are absolutely our hottest and most consistent charters we run. These Big Reds start around the end of May and run into the early part of October. Some can be caught earlier but its best to book charters for these giants when you know the action will be hot. This is an all release fishery! Some of our captains participate in the Tag & Release program for the State of North Carolina. Most all of these charters are set up for one to four anglers. Over the past couple of years we have been running more morning charters for site casting to these Big Reds but everything needs to be right for this to happen! These fish average 42″ in length with an average weight of 35 pounds but it is not uncommon to catch a 48″ fish weighing in at 50 pounds. These charters book really quick with a lot of repeat customers so give us a call early!

The shad trips offered are in early spring and the Target Species of shad will be either Hickory Shad or White Shad. The Hickory Shad is the more common of the two target Species. Some folks call this poor mans Tarpon fishing due to the Jumping Action of a hooked shad! A lot of shad will give several good aerial jumps when hooked before committing to the net. This is done on light tackle and makes a really great day of fishing and can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. These trips are set up for one to two anglers and are done in ½ day and full day charters.

Spanish Mackerel:
Spanish charters are done in various times of the year and in a couple of different places. Spanish Mackerel are primarily caught while trolling various different artificial spoons and can be done in the Pamlico Sound, Pamlico River, and Atlantic Ocean. We sometimes get lucky enough to cast into schools of these fish feeding. These fish are excellent table fare and fun to catch for the young and old a like.

Speckled Trout & Flounder:
Speckled Trout & Flounder are two of the most sought after Light Tackle challenges of the Pamlico Sound and adjacent waters. These two fish have very similar migratory habits and can be found very close together. These trips are set up for one or two anglers for ½ day and full day charters. Most of the trout fishing is done with artificial lures, while a lot of the flounder is done with live bait. You may occasionally be rewarded with a Puppy Drum (Redfish) catch while doing this type of fishing. These trips can be done from April thru November. The larger fish are caught in the colder weather while the hotter action is in the summer. This is one of our highest rated charters and has been featured in several magazine articles.

We offer several different Striper Trips through Silver Spoon Guide Service! One of the more popular trips are Spring Stripers on the Roanoke River. These trips kick off around the end of March and run through the month of April, these trips are set up for one to two anglers per trip. Another very popular Striper Trip is the fall & winter striper run out of Oregon-Inlet. These are the Big Boys averaging 25 pounds and it is not uncommon to catch a 40 pounder and even larger. These trips are set up for up to four anglers and can be done in ½ day and full day charters! The other trip we offer is Fall River Stripers. These trips are done on the Neuse and Pamlico Rivers. These trips are more of a one on one with the captain and can be a lot more challenging. These trips are normally best either first thing in the morning or late in the evening. These trips are set up for one to four party members. All trips can be customized to your needs!

Silver Kings as everyone likes to call them. Silver due to their Silver Dollar looking scales and Kings because a lot of people consider them the King of fishing dreams and desires! This is one of the most challenging fisheries the State of North Carolina has to offer. Why so challenging? These fish are very unpredictable in their feeding and movement patterns. The only thing anyone can be certain on is the time of the year these guys start showing up and when they start leaving. What may work one day may not work the next. But when everything does fall together, the rewards are overwhelming! The aerial show these fish produce, the length of fight, the size of fish, and the endurance between man and beast make these fish the most sought after inshore game fish in the world! The great thing about the North Carolina Tarpon is that when you do hook into one it’s normally a 100-pound plus fish! This fishing requires a lot of patience and tolerance of the elements! This is an all release fishery! This fishing starts around the first of July and runs into the later part of September! We offer full day and night charters for one to four people!

White Perch:
White Perch is targeted by what I call the “Chosen Few”. White perch is one of the strongest fighting fish for their size that you will ever hook into. These fish normally average about 10 inches in length and weigh in just under a pound. This fishing is done in various times throughout the year. These trips are done in ½ day and full day charters and can be combined with several other type charters.


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